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Caring Companions Referral Agency has a Registry filled with Skilled Care Providers to fulfill all Senior Home Care needs from In-Home Care to Hospice Assistance Care. Please enjoy exploring this website to learn all the services available for referral to you. Help for you or your loved one is as close as our Registry! Contact us today.


In-Home Care

Caring Companions can refer a Skilled Care Provider for all Senior Care needs. The Skilled Care Providers cook, clean, drive, and provide companionship – whatever you specify to them that you want or need.



Senior having Blood Pressure Taken

 In-Home Health Care

Skilled Care Providers are experienced in non-medical In-Home Health Care such as wound care, checking vitals, therapy assistance, and rehabilitation services – whatever you coordinate with the Skilled Care Provider.


Hospice Assistance

 Hospice Assistance Care

If you or your loved one need Hospice Senior Care Skilled Care Providers are experienced with Hospice Assistance Care. They can provide round-the-clock care keeping pace as the need for more comprehensive care grows.

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Take a lesson from the tortoise and the hare – the tortoise got ahead thru focus combined with a slow but steady pace. So, give your life some thought – you will find more areas in which to develop and implement strategies for slowing down – all to the benefit of your health in 2016.

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Obviously the best way to manage stress is to keep it from building in the first place. Of course, this is easier said than done since our body’s signals are subtle. It is hard to recognize that we’re headed toward the danger zone until it’s too late.

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A Little About Us

Since 2001 Caring Companions has been referring qualified, professional Skilled Care Providers for the elderly and the disabled. Dedication and support to the senior community is the main focus. We have on Registry over 130 qualified, professional Skilled Care Providers to meet the in-home care needs of any disabled and elderly persons so they can continue to live independently.

Caring Companions can refer Skilled Care Professionals experienced with all types of senior care such as: In-Home Care, Non-Medical In-Home Health Care, Hospice Assistance Care, and Respite Care.

02/16/2015. "Opal B.N.H. . . . passed away at home after a long illness . . . The family wish to extend their gratitude to Arbor Hospice and Caring Companions for their support during her final days. - Family of Opal H."

- Opal H.