Frequently asked questions

What is a Domestic Referral Agency (DRA)?

A Domestic Referral Agency (DRA) operates under California Civil Code 1812.50 and AB 5. A DRA registers Domestic Workers (Service Providers) to refer to Clients seeking a variety of non-medical home care services. Caring Companions is not the employer of the Domestic Worker (Service Provider) referred to you. California Civil Code 1812.50 and AB 5 provide for a business model that allows control for the Client and the Service Provider. The Client and Service Provider decide the types of services to be performed and when. The Client and the Service Provider together work out scheduling, and payment rate. The Service Provider controls the performance of the services.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Domestic Referral Agency?

The Agency has on registry a selection of Service Providers for Clients to choose from with scheduling flexibility, and affordable rates. Clients get experienced and screened Service Providers. The Agency verifies that Clients are satisfied with Service Provider Client has selected. When Service Provider is ill, goes on vacation, can't change with Client's care or scheduling needs, Client can request the Agency's assistance for fill-in or replacement Service Provider(s). Domestic Referral Agencies (DRA) operate under California Code Section 1812.5095 and AB 5.

What Is The Agency’s Criteria For Registering Service Providers?

This Agency's policy is to registers Service Providers who have their HCA (Home Care Aide) license with the State of California Home Care Aide Registry. The State takes responsibility for DOJ and FBI background checks before clearning and licensing Home Care Aides (Service Providers). Service Providers are experienced. Agency verifies Service Providers references and work experience.

Is Service Covered By Insurance?

Some Long-Term Care Insurances will work with DRAs (Domestic Referral Agencys). Caring Companions is happy to do its part to arrange for non-medical home care services with Long-Term Care Insurance companies who work with DRAs. Outside of this, home care serivices thru Caring Companions are paid for directly by Client or Client's representative.

Can The Service Provider Work Directly (Privately) For Me?

There is a placement fee paid to the Agency for the Domestic Worker (Service Provider) to work privately for Client(s), check with the Agency for this arrangement.

Do You Only Refer Domestic Workers For Senior Care?

Service Providers may choose to provide service for a variety of people who need assistance after injury, accident, surgery, or due to permanent condidtions or long and short term illness. Call the Agency to inquire.

How Do We Decide What Services Are Needed?

Because needs vary, Client communicates their needs directly with the Service Provider Client has chosen. Client and the Service Provider work together to establish effective in-home care tasks, schedules, and pay rate.

What Happens If There Is A Compatibility Problem?

You, the Client, can communicate directly with your Service Providers any issues or concerns. You, as the Client, decide whether to keep or to terminate a Service Provider. If you decide you want a different Service Provider, simply call the Agency to request a replacement.

Can I Change The Schedule If I Have An Appointment?

Yes. Client communicates directly with their Service Provider(s) any schedule changes or adjustments Client needs or wants. If Service Provider is unable to adjust to Client's schedule change Client makes the decision to ask Agency's assistance for fill-in Service Provider(s) for the appointment or temporary schedule changes. Client also makes decision as to whether to terminate Service Provider's services and to request Agency's assistance for replacement Service Provider(s).

How Quickly Can Service Begin?

Service can usually begin as quickly as Client needs it to. Client's request is sent out to all available Service Providers on Agency's registry who are local, with the same schedule availability, and skills Cient requests.

I Am Committed To Another Agency, What Do I Need To Do To Change?

Each agency is different. The best option is to review the contract agreement you signed with that agency to see what their terms for ending service with them are.

How Do I Get Started?

Call: (951) 679-4700, text message: (951) 204-0001, or email: info@onlinecaring.com. We are happy and eager to assist with the process of starting home care services.