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A Discussion About Prop 22

As many of you in the state of California are aware, proposition 22 wants to reclassify app-based drivers as independent contractors. This labor policy initiative allows these contractors to set their own hours, accept specific ride and delivery requests and does not restrict them from working for other companies.

This proposition would also allow the independent-contractor drivers to be entitled to other compensation including minimum earnings, healthcare subsidies, and vehicle insurance.

As a referral agency, we support in favor of proposition 22 not only because we support independent contractors in other industries but as a service based company we too register independent contractors. If app-based drivers are denied to be independent contractors this could threaten caregivers who work as independent contractors as well. This business model for most companies enables a lower cost per hour for individuals seeking additional help in their old age and or with physical limitations.

You can find more information about Prop 22 here.

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