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Build a Supportive Business Partnership with Your Private Caregiver

Families who treat their working relationship with a private, at-home caregiver as a valued business partnership experience some of the biggest benefits and most positive results. Why?

Because hiring a private caregiver is a mutual business transaction. You’re employing someone to provide much-needed at-home care services for a beloved family member. And like any business relationship, the best partnerships thrive in a positive environment where trust, respect, and appreciation are ever present.

How can you cultivate a strong, healthy, and successful business relationship with your private caregiver?

Build trust with your at-home care provider through cooperation and good communication.

Once you’ve chosen the right at-home care provider for your loved one and established what their responsibilities are, it’s important to step back and allow your caregiver to handle the job you’ve hired them to do. By giving your caregiver the freedom to do their work—not overseeing or critiquing every move they make—you’re showing them you have confidence in their abilities.

You’ll also want to create and maintain an open channel of communication. Your caregiver needs to feel comfortable asking for assistance, direction, or a change. And should you require additional work or need a task to be done differently, address the issue as soon as possible and in a thoughtful and clear manner.

Cooperation and communication are critical components in building trust and your bond as a business team.

Negotiate mutually beneficial schedules and wages with your caregiver.

While it’s vital the private caregiver you hire be available when you need them and able to provide the care required, keep in mind that an ideal schedule and salary needs to work for both you and your caregiver. Remember, your care provider is a person too with a life, and possibly a family, of their own. They need to take care of themselves so they can be at their best for your family.

By discussing and agreeing to a wage and weekly schedule that’s affordable for you and also appealing to your care provider, you’ll accomplish two things: First, you’ll be demonstrating the respect you have for the energy and effort that goes into at-home caregiving. And second, you’ll be reducing the risk of turnover, which gives you the chance to truly nurture your working relationship with the caregiver you’ve hired.

Private caregivers will evaluate and explore other employment options if they’re in a situation where they feel disrespected or are doing too much for too little in return, which could result in fatigue and burnout. But if they know you have faith in their capabilities and are treated with fairness and dignity, your family will gain a loyal, long-term ally in your loved one’s care.



Danielle Lescure

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