3/23/2018. “I contracted with Caring Companions roughly 6 years ago to help my aging Father and Mother. At first it was just a few hours a week but as time went on the caregiver that they referred us too took on more and more hours. My Father developed dementia over time but the [Service Provider] was so compassionate and loving. Eventually my Father entered into hospice. The hospice nurse was only at the house for a certain amount of time. Caring Companions referred us to more [Service Providers] because he needed around the clock care. My Father passed away with the best possible loving environment thanks in a large part to Caring Companions. The same [Service Provider] continued to take care of my Mother until now. Our family is so grateful to Caring Companions. We continually refer friends and family to them.” – Peter C.

1/26/2018. “Caring Companions (Sun City, California) is an outstanding source for those looking for in-home support.  They are professional, compassionate and they know their stuff!  Our family was in dire need of help as my brother-in-law has significant dementia and major mobility issues related to his Parkinson’s.  He is easily confused, especially with people he doesn’t know.  He’s also on several medicines, with various schedules. It’s a lot for one person to manage!  We needed someone who understood and knew how to address these challenges.  Caring Companions listened to our needs and [referred to us] the perfect [Service Provider] to come into our home and provide support.  They worked with our schedule and followed-up promptly when we had questions.  I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate their care and attention to detail.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs help caring for a loved one at home.” – Katie R.

10/24/2017. “I want to thank you for all the wonderful care you have provided for my mother over the years. My family and my mother really appreciated the caring attention she received from your associates, especially [Service Provider] . . . Thank you.” – Carolyn H. and Family.

7/28/2016. “I am a past client of this [agency]. Caring Companions was extremely helpful. I called them, and they [referred] somebody immediately. They were able to cover us with 3 [Service Providers] going 24 hours, 7 days a week. We told them what we wanted, and they were able to [refer this from their Registry]. I think they were completely marvelous, and I would certainly use them again if the occasion comes about, and I would highly recommend them.” – Thru caring.com

03/16/2016. “… I would like to add that [Service Provider] was excellent and a great [referral from] your organization. My father instantly developed a comfort level with her (no easy task) and the job she did was exemplary. Thank you for [the Service Provider], her/your service and the peace of mind provided for the week.” – Mike G.

03/04/2016. “To Whom It May Concern: I would like to introduce myself. I am a neighbor of Margie L., and have assisted with her care for the past ten years. I am very involved in her life and well being. This letter is to inform you of the excellent care given by [Service Provider]. The first characteristic I noticed about [Service Provider] is that her decisions are based solely on the needs of Margie. I feel Margie would not be making the progress she is making if not for the [Service Provider]. The [Service Provider] is the most conscientious, kind & loving person I have had the honor of meeting. I only hope if ever I have a need for such service, I have the good fortune to find a [Service Provider] to help me. Thank you”- Janet J.

11/12/2015. “To Everyone at Caring Companions . . . my mother and I want to thank you for all the care and attention you have given our family. You are the best!!!”- Yours sincerely, Marie and Patti P.

11/2015. “The [Service Provider] was great. I thank God for her help. Thank you.”- Jaime W. (Eva’s daughter)

08/12/2015. “Dad is now in ICU and not expected to live. We’re just trying to keep him as comfortable as possible . . . I can’t thank you all enough for all you’ve done for dad. You have made his last 9 months so much easier and functional. My best to you and please use my phone number for any references needed for Caring Companions.”- Karol S.

06/26/2015. “Thank you to the staff at Caring Companions, in particular [Service Provider], for the care you [referred]. My mom loved every single [Service Provider] you [referred] in her difficult times.”- Haig Y.

05/18/2015. “Just wanted to tell you, I absolutely love [Service Provider]. If you can [register] more girls like her it would be a much better world … thanks.” – Rosemary P.

04/09/2015. “Thank you  . . . Just wanted to say [Service Provider] is one special lady and knows what to do. Thanks so much for your [Agency’s] help.” – Louise C.

02/13/2015. “Opal B.N.H.   . . . passed away at home after a long illness.  . . . The family wish to extend their gratitude to Arbor Hospice and Caring Companions for their support during her final days.” – Family of Opal H.

01/26/2015. “Many thanks for all the kind and compassionate [Service Providers] [referred] to our mother. A great comfort in our time of need.” – Sincerely, The family of Joyce K.

11/01/2014. “Thank you so much for the wonderful care that my husband received from both the [Service Providers]. They made his passing so much easier and were so kind to the family also. Thank you so much!” –  Barbara D., wife of Forest D.

10/12/2014. “Hi D. & E., It’s Jenny A.-M. Our family is at the cemetery to visit my dad, Bill. I can’t believe tomorrow is one year he’s been gone. I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and [Service Provider] you [referred] for my dad and our whole family. You’ve made a mark on the M. family and we’ll never forget you!” – Jenny A.-M.

10/07/2014. “I would like to [say] thanks for the wonderful [Service Providers]  [referred]  [for the care] of my mother Lucille A. Both ladies were very caring and a very good reflection of [the] Caring Companions. Thank you again.” – Lana N.

09/26/2014. “Thanks again you guys for all of your help & support! Walt is settled in & doing well. Mom very de-stressed now that he is up here.”- Fondly, Meg F.

09/15/2014. “Thank you. Seems like being nice just comes naturally to you. You went ‘above and beyond’ to [refer Service Providers] for my uncle. I’m glad the [Service Provider] was there when he took his last breath. God bless.” – Marylea R.

09/05/2014. “Thank you all so very much for the kind and professional care given to my mother by [Service Provider]. You will be the first service I call if dad needs assistance.” – Sincerely, Ray T.

Friday February 14th, my wife Merrie was released from Hemet Hospital. We were so happy to now have her home, but the realization was very apparent quickly, we were unable to care for her. My neighbor was on the phone that evening, desperately trying to obtain a […] service provider at 7:00 o’clock in the evening.

When she told us she had secured a [Service Provider], and she was on her way to the house, we were certainly relieved, but also concerned – who is this coming into our home and what care will she supply.

When we opened the door and you the [Service Provider] came in, you took charge right away and we really appreciated that. Over the next 10 days you always had a positive attitude about the care you were providing for Merrie. Always suggestions, not demands, on […] care procedures needed for Merrie. To wake up and find the family washing had been done and you had made the morning coffee was beyond what we had expected from a [Service Provider].

Our evening visits about what had gone on during the previous evening, and the present, allowed us to then be fully informed, and put at ease that we had an experienced, well trained [Service Provider] in charge of Merrie’s […] care. We do thank you, and wish you all the best, you were a joy to have in our home.-Bob and Merrie J.

04/30/2014. To Caring Companions staff and the [Service Providers], “Thank you for the wonderful service provided.”-The D. Family

“Thank you and the [Service Provider] so very much for all your help with my Dad last week.

I’ve rarely had such a good experience with a company. You responded quickly, [referred] [Service Providers] who were very responsive. Even now, you make it easy for me to pay the bill with a stamped envelope! Wow!

I won’t forget you if I, or friends, need such help again.”-Pat M.

“Thank you for [referring] our [Service Provider] . He was a guardian angel sent to us & was so helpful & compassionate. Bless You.”-Marlene M.

“I cannot thank you enough for the support […] provided this past few weeks. Our [Service Provider] fit in so well with my family and made a very hard situation bearable. From what my sisters and dad have told me she is ready for Sainthood. And our other [Service Provider] was just great. They both took wonderful care of my mother. I am going to make sure the Hospice company knows this and recommend they move you up on their list to call for In-Home help.”-Scott T.

“You could not design a survey that would give me an opportunity to explain just what kind of talent your [Registry] provided when you [referred] me my [Service Provider].

She not only performed her normal tasks in an outstanding manner, she independently and based on her own quick understanding of an emergency situation, took charge. […]  She was a strange mixture of tender and strong.

I could go on for many pages but the result would be the same” My [Service Provider] is not just a hired hand, she is truly a remarkable, and unforgettable, compassionate, skilled professional.”-Carol G.

“My son Tom and I feel so fortunate to have my [Service Provider] for David in his final days. She was so kind and compassionate. Her personality was a perfect blend with David’s. She allowed him to be as independent as possible and that was what he wanted.”-Gladys W.

“We used your service for a night out. Our [Service Provider] was and is the BEST!!!! My husband and I were able to attend/ENJOY a 80th Birthday party for our Aunt. My dad even felt at ease and comfortable too (which is rare for him)! He does not like to really socialize with new people. She was GREAT and ATTENTIVE person. :)”-Anita O., Steve O., and Bob G.

“Thank You so much for [referring] my [Service Provider]. She was Wonderful. What a blessing to me.”-Mary B.

“Thank you so much for making my grandmother’s last days comfortable. It’s not easy finding a company as caring and trustworthy as Caring Companions. Your very professional [office] staff are a pleasure to deal with and made a difficult situation much easier. I would not hesitate to recommend your organization to any family in need of such services.”-Dan R.

“Your [Service Provider] for my 90 year old father was just a blessing… Your well groomed, experienced [Service Provider] was just like this newspaper ad I saw- for us, you brought peace, comfort, love and concern to help my father and I…”Thank You’”-Candice P.

“Thank you very much for all your help with my terminally ill father. I am very grateful for your service during this difficult time with Dad. You guys are angels!”-Christine V.

“Your never-ending caring, compassion understanding, and patience in taking care of our Dad- and our entire family, by extension- is more appreciated than you can ever know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”-Toni & Bobby M.

“Thank you so much for all your help. Our [Service Provider] was so wonderful, she was very comforting to me that night. Thank you again for all your help and thank our [Service Provider] for me again.”-Kim B.

“Thank you very much for your [Service Provider] & patience with me. We’ll talk soon.”-Robert T.

"The entire family has the greatest respect for the wonderful people that make up your Caring Companions business.

Is there anything we can do for you? You have done so much for the family.

Just saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem like enough!”-Ed P.

“You will never know how much you and our [Service Provider] were appreciated…”-Gloria M.

“Thank you so much for helping my brother. ‘Caring Companions’ is a perfect name. Our facility really appreciated it too.”-Berline A.

“Thank you for the excellent service at a trying time! Your business model only can build as it is mainly related to trust in the people you help!”-Dan K.

“Just a note to thank you for [referring] [Service Providers] to help care for my husband at a critical time. They were all kind, good workers. Our [Service Provider] was a kind thoughtful worker who looked out for any way she could help me more. She was a real blessing and comfort.

"Thank you [office staff] again for all your help. My husband is now with the Lord Jesus Christ, free from pain and suffering. I look forward to see him in Heaven some day. May God continue to bless your ministry.”-Miwako S.

“Thanks for all your help, your compassion, your attentiveness, and your [office] staff. You’ve made life better for me, my mom, and all”-Richard

“Thank you for showing kindness and compassion in a difficult situation. Both of you were so professional during this trying time. Thank you for all of your help with my parents. I really appreciate it.”-Dena H.

“Mom loved her [Service Provider] …” -Jan W.

“Caring Companions

I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful care Mary received from her [Service Providers].

You were all so gentle, loving and concerned for her welfare.

May God bless you all and return to you what you freely gave out.”-The H. Family

“Because of my mother’s dementia, strangers in the house usually cause increased anxiety for her, but the [referred] [Service Providers] were always kind, considerate, and thoughtful of my mother’s needs. Their patience and understanding with her were very much appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with them. And special thanks to the office staff for always being so helpful in [referring] “Caring Companions” for my mom. My sincere thanks to you all for your great customer service.” -Victoria P.

“Our [Service Provider] is a dear and caring person and we really appreciate their help.”-Marlene M.

“Thank you so much for sending our [Service Provider]! He made Curtis’s life a bit better and mine as well. Curtis passed away yesterday. Your company was a blessing to us both.”-Susan G.

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